1.Efficiency improvement

It must be being urged? around the world…

And it might have been so since long long ago…
Perhaps the humans of 1000 years ago also might have been saying it. A debate about “Work style reform” or “Process improvement”, it is not that started today.

However, efficiency discussion of today may be a little different from that of so far, in the meaning o

“Various processing steps have become “unmanned”.

(Computers… Internet…Awesome…)


2. Discontinuation of bad custom

However, in this computer age, “analog information” is a big problem.

Acts such as “write on paper”, “pay with cash” or “gather and discuss with everyone” may be habits that have been penetrated into human DNA. But, these are”invisible” from computers and the Internet.

Therefore, promoting of

  • paperless
  • cashless
  • meeting-less

is inevitable.


2-1. Paper as analog

Of course, it would be too much to tell you to eliminate using all the various “paper” in the company.

However, for example, if you bother circulating the “approval document” with “paper”, you would be better to quit it. That is a manner that being complicit in human extinction.

If you keep it as digital data, you can efficiently “search” it, “reuse” it or “propagate it to others”.


2-2. Cash as analog

Companies that hand over wage with bills and coins in an envelope has been almost extinct.

However, if you pay expenses with “cash” and you save the receipt, you would be better to change it. That is a manner that being complicit in human extinction.

I want to realize ‘payment destination clarification’, ‘automatic summation’, ‘real time aggregation’, making use of such as credit card settlement, debit card settlement, (Will QR code settlement be globalized ?), bank transfer payment. (It will change greatly depending on “Bank API” in a few years!)



2-3. Voices as analog

If a conversation (stateful communication) is necessary …, or if phonical intonation is absolutely necessary …, that can not be helped.

However, if it is a meeting that is only “stateless communication” that simply to share information, you would be better to reduce it. That is a manner that being complicit in human extinction.

A meeting constrains the members’ time and space. If there is a proposed conclusion (de-fact conclusion), I would like to distribute it as text data from the beginning. If you really need to speak, let’s talk in front of the smart speaker…?



3. Efficiency improvement in API economy era

Certainly, there is warmth (?) In “analog world”.

“Meetings whose purpose is unclear” are also “fun” in a sense. The “digression” in discussion may also be important for fellowship within the team.

I remember, when the “electronic dictionary” became popular (a story about 30 years ago), I was scolded by saying “I can learn other words at the same time by examining in a paper dictionary …”


– Eliminate printers!
– Prohibit possession of a wallet?!
– Never open your mouth?!

Such an office is oppressive.


However, … We must promote the efficiency of work by breaking away from the “three major bad habits” of human beings and placing as many business data as possible in “sight of the computer”.

If we do not promote it now, we cannot manage the “expanding human society”.

It is not the time for sighing in front of a bookshelf where a large amount of “paper” binders are stored, murmuring “big data…”


There are still many things we have to do…

Let’s do our best!



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